2018 DDDAS PI meeting – 18-20 Sept in Rome, NY

Tuesday- DAY 1: 18 SEPTEMBER, 2018

Session SSA
DDDAS Exploitation, Linking, Indexing, and Valuation to Enhance Response (DELIVER) Raquepas, Joseph
Retrospective Cost Model Refinement and State Estimation for Space Weather Model Bernstein, Dennis
An Integrated Approach to Space Situational Awareness Chakravorty, Suman
Cloud Computing Based Robust Space Situational Awareness Bhattacharya, Raktim
Dynamic Data‐Driven Modeling, Sampling and Monitoring of Big Spatial‐Tempor Kaibo Liu
Dynamic Data Driven Electro‐Optical Sensor Detection, Tracking and Multi‐Objecti Holzinger, Marcus
Development of a Dynamic Data‐Driven Uncertainty Quantification Systems Linares, Richard
Event Characterization Fusing Hard and Soft Data via Semantic Models Crassidis, John
Session ‐ Modeling and Control
Uncertain, Data‐Driven Observer‐based Feedback Control of Unmanned Aerospace Sys Paley, Derek
Dynamic Pattern‐Driven Multimedia Fusion Aved, Alexander
Dynamic Data‐Driven and Real‐Time Verification for Industrial Control System Security and Jin, Dong (Kevin)
Towards Self‐Healing Resilient Microgrids Using DDDAS Celik, Nurcin
Session ‐ Networks
Modern Database Architectures Langhals, Brent
DDDAS‐as‐a‐Service: Dynamic Resource Management Algorithms and Systems Soft Gokhale, Aniruddha
Resilient DDDAS‐based Cloud Services (rDaaS) for Cyber Battle Management Systems Hariri, Salim
Energy‐Aware Dynamic Data‐Driven Application Systems for Transportation System M Fujimoto, Richard
Leveraging Software‐Defined Networking for Incident Response in Industrial Control System Alvaro Cardenas
Security and Privacy Issues in DDDAS‐based IoT and Smart Systems Xiong, Li
A Critical Review of Adversarial Learning and an Active Learning Study David Miller


Mathematical and Algorithmic Challenges for Fully Adaptive Radar Rangaswamy, Murali
Radar Resource Allocation, Intent Inference and Decision Making Krishnamurthy, Vikra
Session ‐ Radar
Dynamic Data Driven Information Fusion For Situational Awareness Chen, Biao
Advanced Machine Leading Techniques for Adaptive Radar in Nonstationary Arye Nehorai
Energy Aware Time Change Detection Ranka, Sanjay
Session ‐ Robotics
Fault‐tolerant Actor‐centered Agent‐based Network Models under Uncertainty Pasiliao, Eduardo
Coordinated Persistent Airborne Information Gathering: Cloud Robotics in the Clouds Frew, Eric
A New DDDAS Framework for UAV Network System for Environmental Monitoring Mohseni, Kamran
A unified dynamic information guided particle framework for mission design Kumar, Mrinal
Dynamic Data‐Driven Adaptive Observations in Data Assimilation for Multi‐scale S Namachchivaya, N. S
Session ‐ Sensor Fusion
Human‐Machine Teaming in Full Motion Video to support Dynamic Tactical Intelligence Lochtefeld, Darrell
Efficient Learning with Human‐in‐the‐Loop in Structured, Noisy and Temporal Natarajan, Sriraam
Transforming Large Scale Tucker, Conrad
Information content of big data Karbasi, Amin
Interactive Planning and Sensing in Uncertain Environments with Task‐Driven Sensor Place Raghvendra Cowlagi
BRECCIA: A Multi‐Agent Data Fusion and Decision Support Framework for Dynamic Mission Tom Henderson
Dynamic Data‐driven Prediction, Measurement Adaptation Asok Ray
Geometric and Topological Methods for Multi‐Modal Data Analysis and Fusion Harer, John
Reliable Inference in Dynamic Data Fusion Willett, Peter
Multi‐Modality Sensing and Information Fusion Varshney, Pramod
Adaptive High Dimensional Data Fusion and Sensing for Dynamic Target Detect Niu, Ruixin


Supreme Computing Open Innovation Campus (SCOIC) Wysocki, Bryant
Efficient and Robust Machine Learning ‐ Center of excellence Rovito, Todd
Session: Video Analytics
Data‐Driven Adaptive Learning for Video Analytics Savakis, Andreas
Dynamic, Data‐Driven Design Methodologies for IoT‐Based Computer Vision Sys Bhattacharyya, Shuvr
Dynamic Data Driven Multistatic EO/RF Sensor Fusion Li, Jia
Dynamic Data Driven Focusing of Light Scattered from Diffuse Reflectors Marciniak, Michael
Session: Materials
Dynamic Data Driven Control of Nanoparticle Self‐Assembly Processes Park, Chiwoo
Multi‐Layer Surrogate Modeling via Bayesian Approach and Non‐Contact Full‐F…
Mao, Zhu
The DDDAS Design of Programmable Mechanical Metamaterials Themistoklis P. Sapsis
Session: Aerospace Structures
A Framework for Quantifying Uncertainty in InfoSymbiotic Systems Arising in Atmo Sandu, Adrian
Intelligent Self‐Healing Composite Structure Using Predictive Self‐Healing Mulani, Sameer
A Neural‐Symbolic approach to Real‐time Decision‐making in Complex Aerospace Sys Sarkar, Soumik
Towards Low‐Cost Attritable Aircraft Technology via Dynamic Data‐Driven Application Syste Karen Willcox
Multiscale DDDAS with Emphasis on Aerospace Structures and Application to Unmann Bazilevs, Yuri
Robust Data‐Driven Aeroelastic Flight Envelope Tailoring Balachandran, Balaku