Presentations and Video

DAY-1 – Friday, October 2, 2020

** Proceedings **

Opening RemarksDDDAS

Dr. Darema Opening Remarks [slides]

Dr. Blasch Opening Remarks [slides]

Keynote 1

Predictive digital twins: Where dynamic data-driven learning meets physics-based modeling [slides] Karen Willcox

Section 1: Digital Twins

A Dynamic Data Driven Applications Systems (DDDAS)-based Digital Twin Framework [slides] Sarah Malik, RakeenRouf, Krzysztof Mazur, AntoniosKontsos

A Hardware Testbed for Dynamic Data-Driven Aerospace Digital Twins [slides] Stefanie J. Salinger, Michael G. Kapteyn, Cory Kays, Jacob V. R. Pretorius, Karen E. Willcox

Section 2: Environment Cognizant Adaptive-Planning Systems

A DDDAS Protocol for Real-Time Large-Scale UAS Flight Coordination [slides] David Sacharny, Thomas C. Henderson, Ejay Guo

Data-Driven State Awareness for Fly-by-Feel Aerial Vehicles via Adaptive Time Series and Gaussian Process Regression Models [slidesShabbir Ahmed, Ahmad Amer, Carlos Varela, Fotis Kopsaftopoulos

Integrated Planning, Decision-Making, and Weather Modeling for UAS Navigating Complex Weather [slidesJohn J. Bird, Katherine Glasheen, Eric W. Frew

Keynote 2

DDDAS for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate [slides] Michael S. Seablom

Section 3: Energy Systems

Microgrid Operational Planning using Deviation Clustering within a DDDAS Framework [slides] Joshua Darville and Nurcin Celik

Dynamic Data-Driven Self-Healing Application for Phasor Measurement Unit Networks [slides] Yanfeng Qu, Xin Liu, Jiaqi Yan, Dong Jin

Interpretable Deep Attention Model for Multivariate Time Series Prediction in Building Energy System [slides] Tryambak Gangopadhyay, Sin Yong Tan, Zhanhong Jiang, Soumik Sarkar

Overcoming Stealthy Adversarial Attacks on Power Grid Load Predictions through Dynamic Data Repair [slidesXingyu Zhou, Robert Canady, Yi Li, Xenofon Koutsoukos, Aniruddha Gokhale

Section 4: Materials Systems

Uncertainty Analysis of Self Healed Composites with Machine Learning as Part of DDDAS [slides] Sameer B. Mulani, Samit Roy, Bodiuzzaman Jony

Active Search methods to Predict Material Failure under Intermittent Loading in the Serebrinsky-Ortiz Fatigue Model [slides] Stephen Guth and Themistoklis Sapsis

Dynamic Data-Driven Distribution Tracking of Nanoparticle Morphology [slidesChiwoo Park and Yu Ding

Posters Session-1

Physics-based SAR Modeling and Simulation for Large-scale Data Generation of Multi-Platform Vehicles for Deep Learning-based ATR [slides] Branndon Jones, Ali Ahmadibeni, Maxine Beard, and Amir Shirkhodaie

Towards Provably Correct Probabilistic Flight Systems [slidesElkin Cruz-Camacho, Saswata Paul, Fotis Kopsaftopoulos and Carlos A. Varela

Dynamic Data-Driven Formal Progress Envelopes for Distributed Algorithms [slidesSaswata Paul, Fotis Kopsaftopoulos, Stacy Patterson and Carlos A. Varela

Dynamic Sensor Processing for Securing Autonomous Vehicles [slidesRaul Quinonez, Luis Salazar, Jairo Giraldo and Alvaro A. Cardenas

A Scalable Mixture Model Based Defense Against Data Poisoning Attacks on Classifiers [slidesXi Li, David J. Miller, Zhen Xiang and George Kesidis

Resilient Machine Learning (rML) Ensemble Against Adversarial Machine Learning Attacks [slidesLikai Yao, CihanTunc, Pratik Satam and Salim Hariri

Data-based Defense-in-Depth of Critical Systems [slidesStyliani Pantopoulou, Pola Lydia Lagari, Clive Townsend, and Lefteri H. Tsoukalas

DAY-2 Saturday, October3, 2020

Keynote 3

Revisiting the Top Ten Ways that DDDAS Can Save the World – With an update in the BioInfoSciences area and on the Energy Bridge [slides] Sangtae Kim

Session 5: Physics-based Systems Analysis

Machine Learning Algorithms for Improved Thermospheric Density Modeling [slides] Herbert Turner, Maggie Zhang, David Gondelach, Richard Linares

Dynamic Transfer Learning from Physics-based Simulated SAR Imagery for Automatic Target Recognition [slides] Ali Ahmadibeni, Brandon Jones, Damiyelle Smith, Amir Shirkhodaie

Section 6: Imaging Methods and Systems

Uncertainty Estimation for Semantic Segmentation of Hyperspectral Imagery [slides] Aneesh Rangnekar, Emmett Ientilucci, Christopher Kanan, Matthew Hoffman

Spectral Super Resolution with DCT decomposition and Deep Residual Learning [slidesRaghunath Sai Puttagunta, Renlong Hang, Zhu Li, Shuvra Bhattacharyya, George York

Active Scene Classification via Dynamically Learning Prototypical Views [slidesZachary A. Daniels and Dimitris N. Metaxas

Keynote 4

Using Dynamic Data Driven Cyberinfrastructure for Next Generation Disaster Intelligence Ilkay Altintas

Section 7: Learning Systems

Information Ensemble Kalman Learning for Neural Structure [slides] Margaret Trautner, Gabriel Margolis, Sai Ravela

Reachability Analysis Based Tracking: Applications to Non-Cooperative Space Object Tracking [slides] Zach Hall and Puneet Singla

Sparse Regression and Adaptive Feature Generation for the Discovery of Dynamical Systems [slides] Chinmay S. Kulkarni, Abhinav Gupta, Pierre F. J. Lermusiaux

Improving Prediction Confidence in Learning-Enabled Autonomous Systems [slides] Dimitrios Boursinos and Xenofon Koutsoukos

Industry Panel -1

Impact of DDDAS/InfoSymbiotics in the Industrial Sector

Panelists: Daniel Abramovitch, Agilent Technologies; Sandeep Gogineni, Information Systems Laboratories; Cory Kays, Cornerstone Research; Chung-Sheng Li, PriceWaterhouseCooper; Jose Moreira, IBM; Chitra Sivanandam, SAIC; Nurali Virani, GE

Posters Session-2

Physics-Driven Machine Learning for Time-Optimal Path Planning in Stochastic Dynamic Flows [slidesRohit Chowdhuryand Deepak Subramani

Discovering Laws from Observations: A Data-driven Approach [slidesChenzhong Yin, Gaurav Gupta and Paul Bogdan

An On-demand Weather Avoidance System for Small Aircraft Flight Path Routing [slidesEric Lyons, David Westbrook, Andrew Grote, George Papadimitriou, Komal Thareja, Cong Wang, Michael Zink, Ewa Deelman, Anirban Mandal, and Paul Ruth

Dynamic, Data-Driven Hyperspectral Image Classification on Resource-Constrained Platforms [slidesLei Pan, Rijun Liao, Zhu Li and Shuvra S. Bhattacharyya

Semi-Supervised Visual Tracking Based on Variational Siamese Network [slidesLiang Xu and Ruixin Niu

Occlusion Detection for Dynamic Adaptation [slidesZachary Mulhollan, Aneesh Rangnekar, Anthony Vodacek and Matthew J. Hoffman

PNEUMON: A DDDAS Framework to Detect Fatigue and Dyspnea in COPD [slidesVarun Kanal, Andrew Miller, Diego Vester, Jackson Liller,  Maria Kyrarini, Glenn Wylie, Michael J. Falvo, and Fillia Makedon

DAY-3  Sunday, October 4, 2020

Industry Panel -2

AI/ML Applications for Aerospace and Defense

Panelists: Kishore K. Reddy, Raytheon; Amit Surana, Raytheon; Paul Kodzwa, Raytheon; Shane Zable, Raytheon; Richard LaRowe, Raytheon; Eric Brewer, Collins Aerospace; and Steven Burd, Pratt and Whitney

Keynote 5

Intelligent Contingency Management for Urban Mobility Irene Gregory

Federal Agencies Panel

Future Direction of DDDAS/InfoSymbiotics and Collaborations with Related Initiatives

Panelists: Erik Blasch, AFOSR; Robert Bohn, NIST; Jahla Gato, Australian Space Agency; Edward McLarney, NASA/Langley; Jasmine Ratchford, DHS; Sonia Sachs, DoE